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Thomas the Tank Engine


Pricing & Info


“Choo-choo” your way into this jumping castle. This jumping castle comes with a slide and climbing area. Perfect for kids 3 and older.


Required Space: 5m (L) x 5m (W)

Features: Basketball hoop, roof, slide

Age group: 3-10 year old

Why choose Thomas the Tank Engine?


Thomas The Tank Engine is one of, if not the most iconic train characters in cartoon history. The fun and memorable theme song along with Thomas and all his friends will be sure to sprinkle that extra piece of magic into your child’s special event.

We are confident your child and all their friends will instantly recognise the big blue tank engine!


Castle Stand Outs


The Thomas The Tank Engine jumping castle comes in Thomas’s signature blue. Access to inside the jumping castle is straight through the miniature-like tunnel which is raised up with a platform and two bouncy guard rails.

The interior of the castle features a climbing area, a slide and a basket hoop for extra jumping fun! The castle is fully enclosed with fish-net openings allowing for easy and clear supervision.


Sizing & Space


The castle’s length and width measure up to be approx 5 meters by 5 meters respectively. We recommend leaving a meter of space on each side so that you are able to walk around the castle. 

Keep in mind that parents and guests will want to sit or stand close by to take pictures of their kids. Make sure there is ample room in front of the castle!

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