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Why hire a Popcorn Machine

A popcorn machine is an ultimate device at any party no matter what the occasion! Nothing beats the amazing buttery scent that fills the air. Imagine being a kid again and waiting to get off the fun jumping castle for some fresh and hot popcorn! The incredible butter taste as the soft popcorn melts away in your mouth… Yum!

Create a memory that will last them a lifetime! Something that they will remember when they look back on their childhood memories and say “I remember those good old days”.

The Machine Stands Out

Unlike those old and broken popcorn machines that you see tucked away in the corner at the shops, our contemporary and clean popcorn machines are a blast with the kids. They are incredibly easy to use and can be shared with all the guests at the event!

Simply avoid overfilling the machine with unpopped corns, add the amount of your desired butter and then switch it on. Watch as the popcorns come pouring out of the bucket after being ‘popped’. Scoop and serve the kids or share some with the adults! If there are leftovers, use them for a movie night! Finish the amazing day off with a movie night with some of the popcorn!

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