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Petrol Generator

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Why hire a Petrol Generator

We have reliable, durable and heavy duty petrol generators for hire for sites that do not have power available. Whether your kid’s party is at a park or on an open field, our petrol generators will provide enough power to keep your jumping castle fully inflated.

Make sure to organise a petrol generator in advanced in case of a power emergency or if you are simply worried about not your site not having power. Even if the power is down, the party will keep going with the jumping castle.

The Machine Stands Out

A petrol generator will set you back thousands of dollars. Depending on the size of your jumping castle, it will determine the type of petrol generator that you will need. Why not have the convenience of hiring one at a cheap price with Little Jumpers.

Our petrol generators are easy to use and reliable to keep your jumping castles up and running throughout the day.

For all general or booking enquiries please contact us on 1800 221 869 or

email us at [email protected]


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