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Frozen Jumping Castle Hire

Pricing & Info

Imagine Elsa, her friends and her snowy castle all in this fun size jumping castle. You too will feel like the ice princess with magical powers embarking on your adventure to explore the world.

Required Space: 4m (L) x 4m (W) x 4m (H)

Features: Jumping Area

Age group: 3-10 year old

Why Choose Frozen?

A life-size mini ice castle all kids will be amazed of. This Frozen mini castle will leave the kids in awe as it inflates and once they enter the castle they will enter the Frozen World of Elsa and her pals. This magical new world is where the kids run wild with their imagination. Their creativity is very important for their growth as a child and keeping them active is crucial.

Jumping around and having fun is what this castle is all about. Feel the Frozen magic now by having this icy magic castle at your event today! The external castle-like features will give the kids an experience of royalty.


Castle Stand Outs

This lifelike mini castle has many features of the Frozen Castle in the movie. Have your kids feeling happy and magical all day jumping. Join or become a Disney Princess with Elsa and explore the magical world. 

This Frozen jumping castle features a net protection at the front. You and all your friends will be able to bounce around all day long while still safely playing inside. It also has a rooftop to protect the kids from all types of weather.

Book now and have the magic of Elsa and her pals come to life at your event!

Sizing & Space


The castle’s length and width measure up to be approx 4 meters by 4 meters respectively. We recommend leaving a meter of space on each side so that you are able to walk around the castle.

Keep in mind that parents and guests will want to sit or stand close by to take pictures of their kids. Make sure there is ample room in front of the castle!

For all general or booking enquiries please contact us on 1800 221 869 or

email us at [email protected]


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