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Buckle up and spend a day with Lightning Mcqueen, Mater and their pals. With a big jumping space, you can jump around with your friends for the Piston Cup Championship or even play basketball.

Required Space: 4.8m (L) x 4.8m (W)

Features: Basketball Hoop, Roof

Age group: 3-10 year old

Why Choose Cars?

The Cars jumping castle is perfect for young kids who enjoy the rush and adrenaline of speed.

While we don’t endorse any form illegal street racing, the cars jumping castle will have your kids racing with excitement as they run to grab a spot inside.

Castle Stand Outs

The Cars jumping castle features two stunningly positioned Lightning Mcqueens on the top of each castle pylon. If you think the kids down the road won’t notice this jumping castle well then we’d love to prove you wrong.


The castle comes in a natural colour combination of red, blue and yellow. We recommend positioning this castle well with natural sunlight and it’ll be glowing vibrantly across the yard.

Interior Castle Stand Outs

Our Dora jumping castle features a special blend of fun and adventure.

The exterior of the castle features a bright combination of blue and yellow colours. Positioned on top of each castle’s pylon are inviting pink flowers with a sea of both yellow and pink flowers scattered towards the bottom of the castle.

The main attraction lays with young Dora, Boots, Backpack and friends who are positioned right in the center of the castle.

Sizing & Space


The castle’s length and width measure up to be approx 3.8 meters by 3.8 meters respectively. We recommend leaving a meter of space on each side so that you are able to walk around the castle.


Keep in mind that parents and guests will want to sit or stand close by to take pictures of their kids. Make sure there is ample room in front of the castle!

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